Welcome To Lake Norman Puppy Planet!

Puppy Planet is a Full Grooming and Dog Daycare and Boarding Facility owned and operated by Melissa Lefler. Melissa is also the Groomer at Puppy Planet. Melissa became a Certified Groomer in '96 graduating for the Charlotte Academy of Pet Grooming. She has worked and managed several grooming shops throughout her career. She also worked at East Lincoln Animal Hospital for 8 yrs before deciding to open Puppy Planet.
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Our Mission Statement:

To Utilize our extensive knowledge and experience to maintain a clean, safe, and caring environment for your precious companion

At Lake Norman Puppy Planet, we are committed to helping you take wonderful care of your puppy. Our services are available to those throughout the community and for puppies of all ages. We are proud to have Dr. Broyna Redden oversee our facility.
Pet Care — Pet Grooming in Denver, NC
Dog Ear Cleaning — Pet Grooming in Denver, NC
Puppy Taking Shower — Pet Grooming in Denver, NC
In addition to helping you give your pet the puppy health care services he or she needs, we also offer a full range of special services in the Lake Norman area. Our pet grooming services are designed to keep your pet looking great, and these services include a flea and tick bath as well as pet grooming. With our devotion to all aspects of pet care, you can count on our pet stylists to help you keep your pet looking clean and stylish. Be sure to ask about our gentle puppy package when you call to make your appointment.
Through Lake Norman Puppy Planet, you can also schedule dog-training services to correct behavioral issues that may be causing stress to both you and your pet. When your puppy learns how to behave in the home, on the leash and around other dogs, both you and your puppy will be happier. We also offer dog boarding and pet sitting for those times when you will be gone overnight or longer as well as doggy daycare so that your puppy does not get lonely during the day. Any products that are used in our facility or sold to our customers are all natural.

From keeping your pet in style to assisting you with puppy care health and behavior concerns, we are your best resource for superior care for dogs of all ages. Contact us today to learn more about our full range of dog services.
Pet Groomer — Pet Grooming in Denver, NC

Please make sure your puppy's shots are up to date before you bring them in to our clinic! This is for the safety of everyone's best buddies!!